Welcome to Sunset Gondola
For info and tickets, call
at (800) 979-3370
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Cancellation policy
Cancelling a gondola cruise (held on credit card)
If you need to cancel your reservation you must call before the time of your cruise or you will be charged for the minumum number of passengers per reserved Gondola (2 passengers). If you call to cancel there will be no charges.
Pre-paid reservations
If you have pre-paid cash for a reservation and need to cancel you must call before your cruise time and you will receive a gift certificate by mail. You can also re-schedule your cruise at the time of cancellation, (no refunds will be given).
Cancelling extras and packages
If you need to cancel your gondola cruise and you have ordered an additional package you must cancel your reservation 24 hours in advance or you will be charged for the package you ordered. If you need to cancel and would still like to receive your package you must notify Sunset Gondola staff upon cancellion to arrange for a pick-up of your items.
Wedding cancellations
If you have planned a gondola wedding with Sunset Gondola you will need to speak to our staff regarding cancellations.