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Find yourself viewing an Amazing Sunset. Relax with the one you love, sipping on your favorite beverage. When making a reservation for a Gondola Ride during the sunset we recommend planning a couple of weeks ahead. Planning is especially important spring, summer, and for most of the fall. Same day reservations are sometimes available call the staff at Sunset Gondola for full scheduling availability.
Steal her heart...ride off into the sunset
Things to think about:
Would you prefer more sunlight and end your cruise into the sunset? Or would you like to see more of the dusk light and stars or possibly a little of both? Schedule your departure to make sure your experience is everything you imagine it to be, if you're not all that sure, hopefully the slideshow on this page will help you out.

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Sunsets on a Gondola ride gliding through a serene harbor... ...pleasurable, sure...memorable, absolutely!