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Blogs and Websites
Find out a little more about gondolas, events, regattas, and gondoliers in the U.S.A and Italy
:Blogs: information and discussions by Gondoliers
:Tales of The Gondola : www.sunsetgondola.blogspot.com
The Experiences of gondoliers rowing in the United States.
:The Gondola Blog : www.gondolablog.blogspot.com
Gondola Greg and his adventures around the world.
:Venice: History, Experiences and Travel to Venice, Italy
:Vogalonga: www.vogalonga.it
A rowing regatta for all. Any type of man powered vessel is welcome to join this 33km event in Venice.
:Apartments in Venice: www.veniceapartments.com
If you are planning on visiting Venice, we recommend you check this site. Stay for a week and truly experience the city.
:Gilberto Penzo : www.veniceboats.com
An informational site into the art of creating a Gondola. A great resource for anyone who wants to travel to Venice and get to know the boats.
:Other sites about Gondolas: websites and articles covering the wonderful world of the gondola from varied angles and aspects.
: The Gondola Society : www.gondolanetwork.com
A host of gondola operations around the United States are listed here on this site.
: Video on Discovery : www.discovery.com/video
A video from the Discovery Channel. A clip about the Gondoliers in Venice, Italy.
: Nat.ional Geographic Video : special on tide levels
Tide levels of Venice, extreme low February of 2008. Typically Venice is know for flooding. (video-search for "venice gondola").
: Travel Channel "5 Takes Crew" : Artistic Footage of Venice
Brad and the crew from Travel Channel's "5 Takes Crew" and some artistic video of Venice, Italy.
: Virtual Tour of Venice : www.italyguides.it
Guide yourself on a tour of Venice. Squares, palaces, and government buildings...look for the audio tour download.